Berkeley Community Garden Project

This will be an immersive, interactive art piece that communicates to viewers the beauty of three-dimensional space and its inherent symmetry. It will be a pentagonal pyramid that will be truncated at its bottom five corners to create five triangular entranceways. There will be a diamond-shaped window in each of the five walls, and a pentagonal skylight at the top.
Flowers in Kaleidoscape
Proposed structure for the Berkeley Ccommunity Garden.
There will be mirrors on the insides of the walls.

In the reflections, the five triangular entranceways will become twenty tetrahedra. The pentagonal skylight will reflect into a dodecahedron floating at the center of the virtual space, and the five diamond-shaped windows will become thirty diamond-shaped views of the sky, arrayed symmetrically about the central dodecahedron. This structure will be about nine feet high and nine feet across. To understand what this experience will be like, check out this fly-through animation!

Flowers in Kaleidoscape
This is a view of the Garden Structure from the inside, looking up at the apex.

Right now, we are in the process of raising $12,000 to build this structure. We have received a grant from the Berkeley Civic Arts Commission, but it is not enough to cover our costs. We still need an additional $10,000. Here is a copy of the proposal.
(Adobe Acrobat PDF format - version 4)

If you would like to help out with this project, you may send a contribution of any size to:

Berkeley Partners for Parks
P.O. Box 13673
Berkeley, Ca. 94705

Make the check payable to: Berkeley Partners for Parks, and write "Pyramid Project" in the memo area, so the money will go to this project. Thank you for your contributions!