Computer Art
Geometric Bliss is an algorithmic art program published by Imaja, Inc. and co-written by Sara Frucht and Greg Jalbert to run in Bliss Paint™. It combines mathematical principles of two-dimensional tiling patterns with various mathematical drawing techniques (lines, splines, dots, etc.) and a constantly changing color palette to create a set of kaleidoscopic animations. These simple algorithms spontaneously generate surprising effects, such as images that look like knitting, weaving, mosaic, Islamic tiles, stained glass, colored pencil and lace.
Person in Kaleidoscape
Bright Crystals animation from Geometric Bliss, published by Imaja.
This software, in various forms, has appeared in videos, Bay Area concerts, and as an interactive art exhibit at Disneyworld in Florida (in this case as "The Groove Thing", an interactive art program based on Sara Frucht’s geometric tiling algorithms and published by Bigtop Inc.)
Fern Forest animation from Space Garden Meditations, published by Imaja.
Space Garden Meditations (also published by Imaja, Inc. and co-written by Sara Frucht and Greg Jalbert) is a set of randomly generated animations that use various kinds of fractals and splines to create a never-ending variety of plant forms, mandalas and other abstract shapes.