Architectural uses

Here are a few ways these designs can be used in a theme park, nightclub, casino, or cafe.

Hi-tech Disco or Casino
Flowers in Kaleidoscape
All lighting and objects in a Kaleidoscape are reflected into a dazzling experience.

Perhaps the most exciting implementation of this structure would be as a hi-tech disco or casino environment. Programmable lights could be imbedded in the walls or floor to generate symmetric star-burst patterns emanating from the center or vertices. Also, computer graphics or laser shows could be projected onto the floor from underneath, creating an image that appears on every face of the virtual polyhedron, completely surrounding the occupants of the room with projected images. Graphic images could also be projected onto the truncated apex of the structure, creating a ball of animating images floating at the center of the virtual space, or they could be projected onto the truncated corners of the structure, creating pyramids of animating images placed symmetrically about the inside of the virtual space. Another exciting possibility would be to project animating images onto the backs of half-silvered mirror walls, creating disembodied images that appear to dance in thin air. Hazy rainbows, sunbursts, flowers, crystals, fire or mandalas could flicker and dance in three-dimensional symmetry throughout the virtual space.

Infinite Reflection Space
As a theme park attraction, some of these rooms could have mirrors on all of the walls, including the floor, generating infinite reflections of the cubelattice subdivided in various ways. These could be used
Flowers in Kaleidoscape
This Kaleidoscape room in Oregon lets viewers immerse themselves in the reflected space.
to make many exciting environments such as a tree house room, a snowflake room, an underwater room, an origami lattice, or a hi-tech inside-the-computer room. These rooms could be tipped at any angle, and people could move through them on a ramp that doesn't touch any of the walls or floor.

Enchanted Forest
Another good theme park attraction would be an enchanted forest. This would consist of a large dome with an enchanted forest inside. It would be good to have the forest lit by various colors of lights in different parts of the dome. In the middle of this forest would be a large mirror structure laying on its side, with its opening facing out toward the forest. When people go inside this structure, they will find themselves inside of a much larger polyhedron. The faces of this polyhedron will consist of different views of the forest, tipped at all possible angles. These views will continually change as people move through the structure. They could possibly exit this structure through a small opening cut in the apex, and from there enter a series of infinite reflection spaces.

Cafe or Restaurant
There are many ways to use this structure to create a visually stunning cafe or restaurant. One particularly exciting implementation would be to build a structure that generates a 120-sided polyhedron. This polyhedron has 62 vertices, 180 edges, and generates a virtual space that is 120 times the size of the real space. Star-shaped lights set into blue tinted mirrors would create an image of an explosion of stars set into a huge, deep blue space. Another possibility would be to have a mosaic of large sheets of tinted mirror on the walls in different colors. This would create a complex three-dimensional star formation of ghostlike shapes of color floating within the space. Beveled edges on the mirror pieces would create an image of floating crystals in a three-dimensional snowflake pattern. For a more sedate environment, you could use recessed lights and soft colors. If you had recessed lights lighting a monochrome structure at the apex, it could be made to look like a complex piece of origami floating at the center of the virtual space. The sky could also be used as a design element. For instance, if you made a structure that generated a cube, its truncated apex would be square. If this were a skylight, it would appear as a cube of sky floating at the center of the virtual space.

Sara Frucht currently has patents to use these geometries in an architectural structure or an interactive toy.